Tips for Enjoying the Freedom to Come

Article published at: Feb 27, 2021 Article author: Kim Epp Frenette
Tips for Enjoying the Freedom to Come
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For many of us, winter storms and/or pandemic restrictions have been cramping enjoyment of life’s little freedoms

Remember those?

  • crowded cafés patios…
  • shopping just to browse
  • road trips and day trips to charming towns…
  • street festivals with buskers, great food and beer tents
  • live concerts and plays…
  • lingering museum visits…
  • parties with flesh-and-blood non-zoom people
  • backyard bbq’s with shared food and hugs

 If none of these seem like distant memories, lucky you!  For the rest of us it has been a long cold pandemic winter.  But spring is coming (watch what the sparrows are doing😉) and vaccination rates are climbing; soon, little by little, we will reclaim those freedoms.

Here are some tips to give you the freedom to enjoy the freedom.

Always Be Ready  ( Not as impossible as you think…)

When the friend knocks, the parade is passing by, or the dog is tugging on the leash you naturally want to get out the door fast with no delay.  You can if your essential stuff is tucked in your TuckTop. 

Be happy if you are running out the door for something fun.  If it is urgent, or a true emergency, having your essentials literally on your person can be the crucial element to your response. Don’t waste precious time searching for your phone, or your wallet and keys. 

TuckTop makes it super easy to be ready to go as a guy* – and stylish and comfortable to boot.

*In a mildly feminist digression, think about what the guys do: wallet and phone in the back pockets, car keys in the front. They have their hands free, they have their stuff, they can act fast, they act confident.  Is that really fair?  Even if women’s pants pockets were big enough, you know the esthetic would be less than flattering, and definitely not comfortable!
Even worse, guess where women’s phones in back pockets end up when we, given our anatomy, are answering nature’s call… yup, kerplunk...that happens. 
Who knew useful pockets were a gender inequality equalizer

Travel Light    ( Do superheroes carry purses? )

No. No they don’t.  Wonder Woman doesn’t carry a purse packed with paraphernalia for every possibility.  She trusts her cuffs. She trusts herself, and her ability to handle situations.

What are your cuffs?  Make sure to have whatever that is and rethink the rest of the stuff you carry and the belief that more things make you more prepared. You really don’t need supplies for every conceivable scenario.  Cover the essentials and then don’t let excess stuff hamper your mental or physical freedom.

Not a superhero, you say?  You are a woman, close enough.

Stay Safe   ( Light weight does NOT mean stupid! )

If you really need it, of course you should have it. Identification, a little cash, necessary medication, and maybe hand sanitizer and a mask, should be considered essential. Luckily, there are TuckTop pockets for that.

Having your hands free and not carrying a purse are safety measures in themselves, giving you free range of motion to react when you must.

Worry Less    ( It really does mean more Happy)

It is hard to enjoy the moment when you must be vigilant protecting your possessions. Purse theft and pickpocketing are a reality in many locations; more common is the self-inflicted pain of forgetting your purse on the back of a chair or in the restroom.  Having to replace your wallet and valuables is a nightmare clearly on the unhappy side.

If you store your valuables where you literally cannot leave them behind, in pockets that are practically part of your body, you can ward off a lot of that “where is it” anxiety. TuckTop lets you discreetly tuck where only you can go 😉   

Carpe Diem  (Plucking vs Seizing the Day…)

Believe it or not, there is some scholarly argument over the more authentic translation. “Plucking” is a gentler, horticultural-based metaphor as in gathering flowers or fruit, in contrast to the more aggressive imagery of grabbing or dominating the day.  Does it matter? Either way, it’s advice to take the moment in your hands, and you have to have free hands to do it.  More proof for our motto that Life is Better with Free Hands.


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