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Three Stealthy TuckTop™ Tricks Fans Recommend

Kim Epp Frenette

 Stay in the Know Silently

Ingrid, a teacher from Montreal, uses her TuckTop™ to make sure she knows (discreetly in vibration mode) if someone is calling while she is teaching. Another user appreciates how the TuckTop™ allowed her to keep her hands free and her phone under wraps at a funeral.

See the World Clearly

Prescription, reading or sun, lots of women love the TuckTop™ options for keeping glasses on hand. Some hide a pair in the center top pocket, others use the charmed glasses latch, and those optically challenged like me use both! 

Nourish Body and Soul

Sara, a marathon runner from Charlotte, says running nourishes her soul. She loves the TuckTop™ because it lets her carry essentials - including the snacks she brings to replenish. Non-runners like me enjoy room for breath mints! (see our article on Sara here).

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