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My Mom

Kim Epp Frenette

This is me and my mom.

In many, many ways, she is the inspiration for TuckTop.  Mom always went for life’s big goals.  Along side my father she created a successful business and a large, close family.  The first TuckTop prototype was sewn on her old Singer sewing machine.  Most importantly, the secret neckline pockets of the TuckTop mimic Mom’s habit of storing cash in the age-old female-only location where no man dare tread.

Mom was a very elegant, poised, and truly kind woman.  It was always slightly incongruent to see her reclaiming money from her secret spot, discreetly though she did it. 

She once told me she had lost an entire vacation’s worth of cash, in a wallet, in the back of a washroom stall half a continent from home, in a pre- ATMs or credit cards era.  That explains a lot. 

My mom is gone now. 

I am grateful everyday for her amazing presence in my life, and for the love and the grounding she gave me and my family.  My go-to phrase for life’s challenges, including how to be a good mom and a good person, is WWMD – “What Would Mom Do?”

Happy Mother’s Day to all :) Wishing you big hugs and/or happy memories of your own mom.

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1 comment

  • Kim, you brought tears to my eyes in reading your sweet testimonial of your mother. I can say that the Apple did not fall far from the tree.
    I wish you a happy Mother’s Day. I know your children will treat you royally as you deserve.
    I send you my love and hugs and kisses. Xxxx Janice


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