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10 Reasons for Joy in 4 Steps and 5 Minutes

Kim Epp Frenette

I am supposed to be doing something else, but I couldn’t focus.  Does that ever happen to you?  To me, far more than I will admit. But here is what came of it.  My brain screamed “write 10 reasons for joy…”  And I listened.


My brain can scream, think, and sometimes reason.  It isn’t always neat and orderly – in fact rarely is – but it is creative, and rich, and has some interesting thoughts. 


Breath. What a miracle.  Just think of it, really think.  A physical biological process that is so much more.  It is life itself.  If it’s here, you are alive. If it’s not, you are dead. Mind-blowing.


You are reading this and therefore are receiving an idea that I, volumes of physical space away from you, thought of and wanted to share. There are many levels of amazing in this and more than one reason for joy: 

Words –tools to capture and shape thoughts and feelings.  Limited and sometime ugly, but also powerful and often beautiful.

 Communication – the process of ideas and feelings going back and forth between beings, often, but not always, using words.

 Technology – this is nuts.  Me here – somewhere Earth, you there –could be Mars, electrons shunting between on and off gates, and this the result.  Honestly?!  Okay, maybe this is more AWE than JOY but still…. 

Connection – Not sure how to define this but I know when there is connection with another being, it can bring JOY.


I took a step outside because I was getting too excited by all these thoughts.  The wind cooled me, the sun hit my face, the birds’ chirping calmed me, and the beauty of green flooded my eyes.

I don’t need to stop at 10 but I will; other tasks await. There are countless reasons for joy a person could notice in a very short space and time.  What are your ten?

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