This is what Security Experts will tell you

Don't carry a purse:

  • purses make you a target - they advertise you have something to steal
  • purses offer false security - talented pickpockets can easily steal items from any purse without your knowledge
  • crossbody bags are dangerous - they can be yanked by thieves, dragging you with it and causing injury
  • purses, even crossbody ones, hinder mobility and can destabilize you in tricky situations

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“Never in a million years did I think in the 2 seconds I turned my back somebody would reach into my purse and just take my wallet."

Keep your hands free

  • this allows you to focus on your surroundings and not your "stuff"
  • free hands mean you can react in an emergency
  • less "stuff" gives you more stability from falls and trips

Don't be the woman in danger without a phone because her purse got stolen...

Keep essentials hidden on your body: 

  • thieves look for easy targets: out of sight makes you and your valuables safer
  • in an emergency your essentials (phone, wallet, keys, ID) are with you
  • if your jacket, backpack or day bag is stolen or lost you still have your essentials

DO BE the woman who IF her purse is stolen, late at night, far from home, doesn't care... Why?

  • TuckTop has nine secret pockets.  This image shows three top pockets with line drawing items and 6 bottom pockets across the bottom of shirt to hold phone , keys, wallet, and more

Because she still has everything she needs, in her TuckTop™, safe and secure.

TuckTop™ is your personal Secret Security Detail: 

Every TuckTop has 9 pockets so you can discreetly tuck away all your essentials, keep your hands free, and NOT carry a purse!

TuckTop™ is the smart way to keep yourself safe and secure.

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