TuckTop is your Personal Secret Security Detail...

Security experts will tell you to do these things to stay safe:

Don't carry a purse:

  • purses make you a target - they advertise you have something to steal
  • purses offer false security - talented pickpockets can easily steal items from any purse without your knowledge
  • crossbody bags are dangerous - they can be yanked by thieves, dragging you with it and causing injury
  • purses, even crossbody ones, hinder mobility and can destabilize you in tricky situations

Keep your hands free

  • this allows you to focus on your surroundings and not your "stuff"
  • free hands mean you can react in an emergency
  • less "stuff" gives you more stability from falls and trips

Keep essentials hidden on your body: 

  • thieves look for easy targets: out of sight makes you and your valuables safer
  • in an emergency your essentials (phone, wallet, keys, ID) are with you
  • if your jacket, backpack or day bag is stolen or lost you still have your essentials
  • TuckTop has nine secret pockets.  This image shows three top pockets with line drawing items and 6 bottom pockets across the bottom of shirt to hold phone , keys, wallet, and more

TuckTop has you covered:

Every TuckTop has 9 pockets so you can discreetly tuck away all your essentials, keep your hands free, and NOT carry a purse!

TuckTop is a smart way to keep yourself safe and secure.

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