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How to use your TuckTop™

The ways to use your TuckTop are as varied as the people who wear them!


Our suggestion:  Stand in front of the mirror and start tucking the articles you wish to carry with you most often.  Once you have found the pocket / item combination is most comfortable and works best for you, dedicate that pocket to that item. 

It's a good way to avoid self-administered public search pat-downs ;)

Here are some tips that can help you perfect you TuckTop OO7 capabilities...

Upper Side Pockets:  Great for longer thin/flat items such as comb, pen, credit card, tall and narrow lipstick tube or hand sanitizer tube, grocery list, smaller reading glasses.  Placing rounder items such as pens closer to the double neckline can help camouflage the item.  Play around!  You will see what works for you :)

Upper Center Pocket:  Great for keys, lipstick/chapstick, glasses, small hand sanitizer bottle, candy or granola bar - it works!  What you can fit in this pocket will depend on your body type, space between "the girls" and even what type of bra you are wearing.  This pocket generally does not work well with sports bras unless you tuck the hanging portion behind the bra.

Pull up on the charm to open up space to access the center pocket.  The charm latch also doubles as a place to hang your sunglasses :)

Lower Pocket Panel:

Oh the magic!  If you can't tuck it here, maybe you don't need it!

Deep Left Side: works for any size phone.  It you are doing vigorous activity consider tuck your phone horizontally to avoid accidental pop ups.

Zippered Left Side:  This is sized perfectly for a passport (though it is a little tight in XS tops) or for large denomination cash bills you wish to keep extra secure. Basically it is your super stealth pocket: no one will know it's even there!

Center:  great for mask, tissues, grocery list etc

Center Zippered: credit card, hotel keys, change, small items like rings or jewelry, medication etc 

Right Pocket and Wallet Clasp:  Hidden in this pocket is a super-useful clasp to attach keys or a wallet.  Even if you forget to put your wallet back in your TuckTop - it's just going to hang around till you remember. 

A few guiding principles:

Remember - TuckTop is about Freedom of Movement and Peace of Mind.  Take this as an opportunity to break from bringing too much stuff just in case.  Because you CAN tuck something, doesn't mean you should!

Try distributing items towards the side of your hips.  This tends to be most flattering on most women.

Bathroom/Restroom Tip:  Fold the entire bottom panel up.  Nothing can slip out accidentally.  Much better than what can happen to a phone in a back pocket....