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Mods for Med Pumps

Women with Insulin and Medication Pumps tell us TuckTop™ is a Game Changer...

Style, Accessibility, Ease of Use, Comfort, Security

Insulin pumps have revolutionized management of Type 1 Diabetes, but it can be a challenge to find simple, effective ways to keep the pump close to your body and easy to reach.

Find your solution in one of TuckTop's nine - yes nine! - pockets. Our pockets hold your pump close to your body securely and comfortably AND make your pump as discreet and easy to access as a cell phone.

The ability to also carry glucose tabs, medication, your wallet, keys, and more, is bonus!



Our patented pocket systems offers 9 pockets - 2 of them zippered, an internal wallet latch, and a glasses loop. You CAN carry it all!





TuckTops come in many styles and colors. Fashionable on their own, they also make a great base for your favourite layering items.






Superbly soft, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial fabric moves with you and keeps you comfortable and fresh all day long.





An Accidental Good

We didn't plan on entering the market for women who use medication pumps, but these women found us! Apparently our pockets are perfect for modern  pump users, and most importantly, our stylish, wardrobe-flexible tops add normalcy in their day.


This is what our pump-using customers told us:

"TuckTop has been a godsend for me."

Lisa M of Ontario, Canada says...

I researched clothing that can easily be worn with an insulin pump and there is hardly anything. I spent $$$ on different things to wear...

Then I found the TuckTop. It is inconspicuous and accessible - absolutely perfect. It makes things "normal".


"The TuckTop has worked like a charm!"

Marcia G, of Grand Rapids MI says:

We pumpers use all kinds of crazy tricks to carry and hide our pumps like tucking them inside bras... These attempts are often uncomfortable... and insecure (as having pump fall out of bra!)
So, I am beyond excited to have a beautiful, functional, top that will keep my pump close by, secure and comfortably tucked in, within easy reach. 


You asked, so we did it...

We now offer TuckTops customized for YOUR insulin pump.

As an introductory offer and for a limited time we are offering this service for FREE!

The cost of the modifications will be automatically deducted at checkout :)

Our first pump-using customers did their own modifications or used the TuckTop without portholes. After several conversations* we realized we could make a difference fpr women using medical pumps by offering customization, and letting the community know!

*We'd like to thank our defacto advisory team of women who generously shared their time and experiences - you are awesome!

Here's how it works in 3 steps:

1. Choose your TuckTop

All TuckTops have our patented pocket system and can be modified for use with a pump :)
Click below to shop all TuckTops and put your choice in the cart.

2. Choose your porthole location(s)

For a small additional fee ($10 -$15) we will add professionally reinforced portholes to your TuckTop.
Click below to choose your porthole(s) location and add the modification fee to your cart.

3. Pay and get your pump-ready TuckTop in 2 weeks*

In most cases order processing and porthole modification will take place in under 2 weeks. Your game-changing TuckTop will be on its way to your doorstep.

Worried about sizing? Modified TuckTops cannot be returned so find your correct size HERE or email and request a personal size consultation.