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Parka comes off,
your pockets stay.

Tucktops are great for managing your wallet, phone, keys, chapstick and more during winter activites.  Its the perfect underlayer to tuck away the things you can't affort to loose when the parka comes off. 

January Winter Savings

If you spend winter in the south, the north, or both, save now for a wardrobe essential you will use year round!

Save $10 on TuckTop Tanks and Tees, and $14 on Long Sleeve TuckTops when you purchase now through Feb 5.

$10 off Tanks
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 $14 off Long Sleeve

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Your essentials, with you, always.

Strolling the beach or a market, when the sun is out the last thing you want is a heavy purse to tote.  Keep cool and lighten your load - just tuck your essentials in a TuckTop and keep your hands free.

Are you in Canada?  

To get your special winter savings in Canada, use code Winter10 at check out for tanks and tees, and Winter14 for long sleeved TuckTops.

Of course you could always come  South and shop in person!

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Upcoming In-Person
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Coral Gables Festival of the Arts
January 28 - 29
Coral Gables, FL

Affair of the Arts
March 4 - 5
Boynton Beach, FL

Delray Affair
April 14 -16
Delray Beach, FL

Ottawa Cottage Life 
and Backyard Show
April 21 - 23
Ottawa, ON 


 Reason to wear a TuckTop #10

This is me, hopping rocks on Vancouver Island.  It was a beautiful, perfect day with my husband and daughter and there was sooo much to observe and discover in the tidal pools.

Did I worry about stuff I had left on the beach?  Nope - because my wallet and cash were tucked in my TuckTop.  Did I think my phone would drop?  Nope again - it was snug horizontally tucked in the lower left pocket.  Did I have my chapstick with me? Yes.  Even suncreen (a very small tube).

If I had thought ahead, which I hadn't, I could even have brought a small magnifier for up close sea aminome observation.  Life is a lot of fun with free hands ;)