The TuckTop™ - Freedom You Wear


I was nervous about having 
a purse in Rome...

     A few years back I was heading to Rome.  I REALLY did not want to carry a purse.  It wasn't just fear of pickpockets - it was the inconvenience of lugging something I'd have to worry about!
     I stared at myself in the mirror wondering: how can I hide things using the "real-estate of my curves" without being indiscreet?
     The idea of the TuckTop was born.   Discreet pockets to tuck your essentials. I got designing and wore one (early version!) that trip. 
     No one could tell my stuff was tucked on me.  My hands were free, my stuff was secure, and I looked great.  Best yet, my phone was instantly acessible to snap great pics.

Best. Travel. Hack. Ever.

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Popular destinations can be generally safe, but 
your awareness and caution make it safe for you...

Here are some tips to protect yourself 
and how TuckTop can help.

  The most 
common crimes travellers face are petty crimes of opportunity:
  • picpocketing
  • purse and phone snatching
  • jewelry theft
  • street scams
Artful-Dodgers are looking for easy pickings.   

  Your job is to not be the low hanging fruit;  
a TuckTop is a woman's best travel hack!


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TuckTops just makes sense for Europe or any destination. 
This is what our customers say:

At the museum they made us check ALL bags, but ! had my wallet, phone and reading glasses in my TuckTop!

Carol G.

TuckTopped in Amsterdam

Brought my top to Greece and it was my favorite travel garment.  Held my phone, wallet, passport as well as some odds and ends.

Lindy H

TuckTopped in Greece

I used it biking through Lisbon and kayaking in the Algarve and in local markets. Pretty awesome!

Jo G

TuckTopped in Portugal

My hands were free to take photos while my passport and money were safe and out of sight. Cell phone went into a pocket securely.

Donna C

TuckTopped in Cuba

I felt much safer that my wallet was in my TuckTop instead of my backpack when I was on public transport.

Joy P

TuckTopped in South America

Climbing the Eiffel Tower was definitely easier without a purse! So was shopping.

Janet B

TuckTopped in France


These features make it work!

  • Patented 9-pocket system
  • 2 zippered pockets
  • sunglass loop
  • passport pocket
  • internal clasp
  • packs light/no wrinkles
  • antimicrobial
  • moisture wicking
  • easy care machine wash
  • wash in hotel sink/drys overnight
  • SeriouslySoft™ fabric
  • all day comfort

Our free gift to you...


 Reason to wear a TuckTop #9

It really streamlines travel.

In this photo I am waiting for an airport train to a discount airline flight. It is my point of honor to not pay for luggage, so the 6x13x17 inch "personal item" permitted is holding my computer and some clothes.  A purse or additional bag is out of the question.

My TuckTop picks up the slack. In it I have: a passport, ID card, cash in two currencies, earbuds, train stub, boarding pass, a pen, a wallet, and sunglasses. And my phone.

Travel light, my friends. TuckTop makes it possible.